The Premium Whiskey from the Tropics

Not all noble whiskeys hail from cold northern climes on islands off the European landmass. You may be surprised to learn there’s a fine whiskey that’s produced right here in the balmy equatorial. Utilising the same age-old processes and ingredients, but with just a hint of the exotic…a fine taste of the tropics. Come, lift a glass, raise a toast, and savour the fine double peated blended whiskey and international taste sensation proudly made in Malaysia…Timah.

For Peat’s Sake

As its name indicates, Timah is a Double Peated Whiskey. Peat is a natural, plant-based fuel source that is burned to provide the heat to dry malted barley, giving the resulting whiskey its characteristic smokey flavour and aroma. Timah consists of a carefully crafted blend of two aged peated malts, and a neutral spirit of Malaysian origin. These components are blended by our master blender, resulting in the distinctive taste of the Timah blend.

Smoke-Infused, with Fruit & Floral Notes

On the nose, Timah is a light, fruity whiskey that is a harmonius mix of primarily smoke, with a hint of a floral bouquet. It moves through a smokey palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish.

Timah more than holds its own in the international market, with its superb blend of craftsmanship, sophistication and respect founded on a proud tradition.

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Winepak. Malaysia’s Wines & Spirits Specialist

Winepak Corporation, makers of Timah, is a pioneer in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic production in Malaysia, with over three decades’ experience.  It produces and imports a wide range of fine wines and spirits, prestige international brands, Chinese rice and ginger wines, and herbal tonics. And now Winepak has created an award-winning Malaysian whiskey with a proud pedigree, one that is also sure to attract a new generation of discerning whiskey lovers.